The University of Manchester’s Phonetics Laboratory (Phon Lab; director: Dr Patrycja Strycharczuk) is the research hub for all work in acoustic and articulatory phonetics, experimental phonology and sociophonetics at the University of Manchester. The lab is used by Linguistics and English Language (LEL) staff and students to conduct research on a variety of topics.

Located inĀ S1.24 of the Samuel Alexander building, the lab consists of 3 rooms for recording and analysing speech data. Its facilities include a soundproof recording booth, audio and articulatory equipment, as well as several Macs and a PC for running experiments and analysing phonetic and phonological data.

Want to use the lab and/or its equipment?

If you would like to book the recording booth or borrow equipment, please check availability on the scheduling page (under RESOURCES) and then contact the lab assistants through the contact form. Please note that we might not accept bookings even if the lab is free depending on staff availability. We accept bookings only if made up to the day before at 5pm. All bookings sent after 5pm will be processed the following working day.