The University of Manchester’s phonetics laboratory is the research hub for all work in acoustic and articulatory phonetics, experimental phonology and sociophonetics at the University of Manchester. The lab is used by Linguistics and English Language (LEL) staff and PhD students, as well as dissertation writers at the undergraduate and Master's level.

The lab is located in the Samuel Alexander building, W 3.18, where 3 rooms for recording and analysing speech data are available. Please note that in semester 1, 2015–2016, the lab has temporarily moved to Samuel Alexander Studio 5, due to renovations. Facilities include ultrasound, electropalatography, airflow machine and laryngograph; an isolated sound recording booth; and both Mac and PC computers for experiments and analysis. The lab also stocks equipment for use and loan for students conducting research and doing coursework in LEL.

The previous lab website may be found here.

Need to use the lab?

Due to the move, the lab cannot currently be booked for recording sessions or equipment use/loan. This page will be updated with further details as soon as possible. If you have any requests or enquiries, please contact us. Before requesting the recording room, please check the lab calendar, which is regularly updated with the current schedule – this will let you know whether facilities are likely to be in use.