Wendell Kimper
Wendell is a lecturer specialising in phonology and phonetics. He is interested in speech perception, and in how phonetic/cognitive asymmetries relate to phonological processes.
Yuni Kim
Yuni is a lecturer specialising in phonology, phonetics, and field linguistics. Her phonetic research interests include tone and intonation, coarticulation, and the phonetics-phonology interface. She was the lab manager, 2009–2014.
Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero
Ricardo is a senior lecturer specialising in phonological and morphological theory and historical linguistics. His research interests include the interfaces between phonology and phonetics and between morphosyntax and phonology.
Laurel MacKenzie
Laurel is a lecturer in English linguistics, specialising in language variation and change. Her research interests lie in morphological and phonological variation and change, and in how linguistic theory can incorporate variation.
Deepthi Gopal
Deepthi is the current lab assistant, and is a second-year PhD student, working on formal theories of manner assimilation.
Fernanda Barrientos
Fernanda is a third-year PhD student. Her thesis focuses on the second-language vowel perception of native speakers of Spanish learning English, adding a Bayesian component to model the influence of suprasegmental features in perception.
Fernanda McDougall
Fernanda is a second-year PhD student looking at sociophonetic variation, whose thesis focuses on the variety of English spoken in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. She is also working on adapting FAVE for use with British English.
Chris McCall-Twentyman
Chris is a second-year PhD student looking at tone. His research focuses on how Punjabi speakers use tonal cues in their perception of non-tonal languages. Chris is also a lecturer in phonetics at Edge Hill University.



Alumni & Friends

Míša Hejná
Míša is a teaching fellow at Newcastle University, and completed her PhD at Manchester in 2015. She is interested in experimental phonetics and phonology, and language variation and language change.
Danielle Turton
Danielle is a lecturer in phonology at Newcastle University, who completed her PhD at Manchester in 2014. Danielle is interested in phonological variation and change, particularly in the Manchester English accent.
Patrycja Strycharczuk
Pat is a British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Queen Margaret University. She completed her PhD thesis, Phonetics-phonology interactions in pre-sonorant voicing at Manchester in 2012.
Michael Ramsammy
Michael is a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. His interests include theoretical and experimental phonology, and articulatory and acoustic phonetics. During his PhD at Manchester, he used EPG to study nasal place articulation in Spanish dialects.
Jonathan Morris
Jonathan is a lecturer at the School of Welsh, Cardiff University. His work examines sociophonetic variation in the speech of Welsh-English bilinguals. He completed his PhD at Manchester under Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero, Yuni Kim, and Yaron Matras.
Koen Sebregts
Koen is a lecturer at Utrecht University. He is interested in (socio)phonetic variation, sound change and their implications for theories of phonological knowledge. Koen has recently been using the lab for an ultrasound study of Dutch.
Elke Philburn
Elke is a lecturer and teaching assistant at Manchester and the University of Salford. Her research interests include instrumental and experimental phonetics, connected speech processes and non-modal phonation in connected speech.
Glenda Lizárraga
Glenda is a fourth year PhD student at El Colegio de México. Her thesis focuses on Chichimeco Jonaz (Otopame, Mexico, PEI) verbal morphology, specifically in person, number and grammatical relations marking. As a visiting student in Manchester, she worked on Chichimeco verb tone patterns and morphophonemics.
Sarah Mahmood
Sarah is a BA alumna whose thesis made use of acoustic and articulatory data obtained via ultrasound. She is interested in phonological and phonetic differences in Chinese languages and dialects.
Ziyuan Pan
Ziyuan is a BA alumna interested in experimental methods in psycholinguistics. She was formerly a research assistant for Wendell Kimper’s project on Artificial Grammar Learning.