Dr Patrycja Strycharczuk
Lab director
I'm a lecturer in Linguistics and Quantitative Methods. My theoretical interests include grammatical architecture, and language variation and change, while the empirical evidence I use comes mainly from speech production (acoustics and articulation).
Stefano Coretta
Lab assistant
As a second-year PhD student, I am working on the effect of consonant voicing on the duration of vowels, using ultrasound tongue imaging and electroglottography.
Stephen Nichols
Lab assistant
I'm currently a second-year PhD student in Linguistics. My PhD project involves the study of the phonology and typology of height harmony in the Bantu languages.

Current members

George Bailey
PhD student
I'm a third-year PhD student with research interests that lie at the intersection between variationist sociolinguistics and topics in phonological theory and language change.
Massimiliano Canzi
PhD student
I’m a first-year PhD student whose interests lie in the study of human electro-physiology (EEG) for the understanding of speech perception and relative cognitive processes.
Sarah Mahmood
PhD student
Donald Morrison
PhD student
I'm a second-year PhD student. My research interests relate to the phonology-phonetics interface, morphologically conditioned phonetics and the life cycle of phonological processes, with a focus on Scottish Gaelic.
Jane Scanlon
MA student
Kaiyue Xing
PhD student
I'm a first-year PhD student. My research interests lie in the phonetic variation of rhoticity in Mandarin and English dialects from both an acoustic and articulatory perspective.