Phon-phon group

We meet on Wednesdays during the teaching term at 14:00. The timetable for this semester’s phonology-phonetics reading group is as follows (subject to change depending on our needs and whims):

Date (semester 2) Paper/Activity Presenter
28th Jan Zellou & Tamminga, “Nasal coarticulation changes over time in Philadelphia English” Ricardo
4th Feb Nolan & Jeon, “Speech rhythm: a metaphor?” Míša
11th Feb Gordon, Janny, Nash, Takara, “Syllable structure and extrametricality. A typological and phonetic study” all of us
18th Feb Recasens, Espinosa, “The role of the spectral and temporal cues in consonantal vocalisation and glide insertion” & Jin, “Variation and Change in Chinese Korean: The case of vowel /y/” Sarah
25th Feb Wendell Kimper, “Transparency is Not Crazy: Perceptual Grounding for Long-distance Vowel Harmony” Wendell
4th March Breen, Kingston, Sanders, “Perceptual representations of phonotactically illegal syllables” & Wanrooij, Boersma, van Zuijen, “Distributional Vowel Training Is Less Effective for Adults than for Infants. A Study Using the Mismatch Response” Wendell & Henri
11th March Fernanda Barrientos, “Are L2 speakers able to create new categories?” Fernanda
18th March Wendell’s research (Artificial Grammar Learning) Wendell
15th April Stephen’s research on Jola Stephen
22nd April Deepthi’s research Deepthi
29th April Glenda, “Tonal patterns in Chichimeco Jonaz verb” Glenda
6th May Yuni Kim, “Morphologically conditioned phonologically conditioned morphology” Yuni
Date (semester 1) Paper/Activity Presenter
8th Oct Nord, Ananthapadmanabha, and Fant, “Signal analysis and perceptual tests of vowel responses with an interactive source filter model” & palatography experiments Míša
15th Oct Cho, Yoon, and Kim, “Effects of prosodic boundary and syllable structure on the temporal realisation of CV gestures” Carlos
22nd Oct Zsiga, “External sandhi in a second language: the phonetics and phonology of obstruent nasalization in Korean-accented English” Ricardo
5th Nov mFiL prep talks: variation in EME & intonation Donald & Georges
12th Nov mFiL prep talks: L2 perception & pre-aspiration Fernanda & Míša
19th Nov Steriade, “The cycle without containment: Latin perfects” Eduard
26th Nov Hayes-Harb, “Optimal L2 Speech Perception: Native Speakers of English and Japanese Consonant Length Contrasts” Fernanda
3rd Dec Martin, “Grammars leak: Modeling how phonotactic generalizations interact within the grammar” Wendell
10th Dec Christmas session; fun phon-phon stuff all of us

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