Reading group

The Phonetics Lab hosts a general linguistics reading group led by PhD students, which currently takes place on Thursdays at 3pm.

Week Date Time Article Presenter Area
3 11 Oct 3pm Beckman, J. N. 1997. Positional faithfulness, positional neutralisation and Shona vowel harmony. Phonology 14(1). 1–46. Stephen Nichols phonology
4 19 Oct 4pm Vitevitch, M.S., H.L. Storkel, A.C. Francisco, K.J. Evans & R. Goldstein. 2014. The influence of known-word frequency on the acquisition of new neighbours in adults: Evidence for exemplar representations in word learning. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience 29(10). 1311–6. Stefano Coretta cognitive linguistics, language acquisition
5 26 Oct 4pm Boeckx, C. & E. Leivada. 2014. On the particulars of Universal Grammar: implications for acquisition. Language Sciences, 46(B). 189–98. Chris Hicks biolinguistics, cognitive linguistics, language acquisition
7 9 Nov 4pm Hay, J. & Drager, K. 2010. Stuffed toys and speech perception. Linguistics 48(4). 865–92. Max Canzi cognitive linguistics
8 16 Nov 3pm Fika at Christie’s
9 23 Nov 3pm Schneider, S. 2007. Reduced parenthetical clauses in Romance languages – A pragmatic typology. In N. Dehé & Y. Kavalova (eds.), Parentheticals. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 237–58. Juliette Angot pragmatics, corpus linguistics
10 30 Nov 3pm Pisanski, K., E.C. Mora, A. Pisanski, D. Reby, P. Sorokowski, T. Frackowiak & D.R. Feinberg. 2016. Volitional exaggeration of body size through fundamental and formant frequency modulation in humans. Scientific Reports 6(34389). 1–8. Max Canzi cognitive linguistics, biolinguistics
11 7 Dec 3pm Maling, J. & S. Sigurjónsdóttir. 2002. The ‘new impersonal’ construction in Icelandic. Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 5(1). 97–142. Hannah Booth syntax, historical linguistics
12 14 Dec 3pm TBA Imene TBA