Reading group

The Phonetics Lab hosts a general linguistics reading group led by PhD students, which currently takes place on Thursdays at 3pm.

Week Date Time Article Presenter Area
21 14 Feb 3pm TBA TBA TBA
11 7 Dec 3pm Maling, J. & S. Sigurjónsdóttir. 2002. The ‘new impersonal’ construction in Icelandic. Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 5(1). 97–142. Hannah Booth syntax, historical linguistics
10 30 Nov 3pm Pisanski, K., E.C. Mora, A. Pisanski, D. Reby, P. Sorokowski, T. Frackowiak & D.R. Feinberg. 2016. Volitional exaggeration of body size through fundamental and formant frequency modulation in humans. Scientific Reports 6(34389). 1–8. Max Canzi cognitive linguistics, biolinguistics
9 23 Nov 3pm Schneider, S. 2007. Reduced parenthetical clauses in Romance languages – A pragmatic typology. In N. Dehé & Y. Kavalova (eds.), Parentheticals. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 237–58. Juliette Angot pragmatics, corpus linguistics
8 16 Nov 3pm Fika at Christie’s
7 9 Nov 4pm Hay, J. & Drager, K. 2010. Stuffed toys and speech perception. Linguistics 48(4). 865–92. Max Canzi cognitive linguistics
5 26 Oct 4pm Boeckx, C. & E. Leivada. 2014. On the particulars of Universal Grammar: implications for acquisition. Language Sciences, 46(B). 189–98. Chris Hicks biolinguistics, cognitive linguistics, language acquisition
4 19 Oct 4pm Vitevitch, M.S., H.L. Storkel, A.C. Francisco, K.J. Evans & R. Goldstein. 2014. The influence of known-word frequency on the acquisition of new neighbours in adults: Evidence for exemplar representations in word learning. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience 29(10). 1311–6. Stefano Coretta cognitive linguistics, language acquisition
3 11 Oct 3pm Beckman, J. N. 1997. Positional faithfulness, positional neutralisation and Shona vowel harmony. Phonology 14(1). 1–46. Stephen Nichols phonology